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We offer an exclusive cleaning system that keeps carpets looking cleaner longer.  The system was developed by CHAMPION to provide superior cleaning and reduce carpet resoiling.

How different soil types affect carpet

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Carpet soil is made up of two components . . . dry soils and oily soils.  Silica and silicates are the dry soils that can destroy carpet flbers.  Fortunately, most dry soils found in a typical commercial environment can be removed by regular vacuuming.  Oily soils, including resins, gums, greases and fats are the binders that attract and hold other types of dirt to the carpet.  This results in a dingy gray or brown appearance.  Oily soil is the largest contributor to poor carpet appearance, and because it adheres to carpet fibers, can't be easily removed.

The first step in effectively cleaning commercial carpeting is to neutralize oily soils.  Champion Carpet Systems chemistry does this by surrounding each soil particle so that it cannot attract either soil and can be easily removed by dry vacuuming.  For optimum appearance of the flooring, Champion Carpet Systems chemistry should be applied as part of a regular periodic maintenance program by trained Champion Flooring System Professionals.

Champion Flooring Systems Maintenance Service
Product Details

Champion Carpet Systems Maintenance Treatment is different.  It's a low-moisture soil encapsulation treatment that has been formulated to provide improved cleanability, soil and stain-resistance.  Since Champion Carpet Maintenance Treatment is a low-moisture chemistry, it doesn't result in carpet being wet for extended periods of time.  Because it's a soil-encapsulation chemistry, there is no sticky residue left behind to attract and hold soil.  Champion Carpet Systems Maintenance Treatment is specifically designed to virtually eliminate carpet re-soiling when used in conjunction with routine vacuuming.

How does Champion Carpet Maintenance Treatment work?

​We use a three-part system.  First, Champion Carpet Maintenance Treatment contains a powerful surfactant to clean.  Second, it uses a flourochemical to surround and neutralize oily soil and inhibit the attraction of dry soil.  Soil becomes easier to remove with routine vacuuming.  Champion Carpet Systems Maintenance Treatment reduces the surface energy of a carpet, which helps eliminate the chance of carpet re-soiling.  Third, it contains a broad spectrum stain blocker to repel stains and make removal easier.  We recommend that Champion Maintenance Treatment be applied to the carpet as part of a routine maintenance program that includes periodic hot water extraction